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Cotton Lane Farms - Cotton Farm

Richard Carson and William Farm - Cotton Farm

Strock Farm Partnership - Cotton Farm

Elloree Gin - Cotton Gin

Hill Spinning - Yarn Spinner

Contempora Fabrics - Fabric Knitter

Carolina Cotton Works - Fabric Finisher

Granite Knitwear - Cut / Sew

TS Designs - Print / Dye

This Supply Chain Makes Products for

TS Designs uses this supply chain to produce t-shirts for custom print and dye customers nationwide. You can request a quote for your own custom printed t-shirts at

Key Info About Your Shirt

Travels Only

Miles Dirt-to-Shirt

(as the crow flies)

Made From


grown in the Carolinas

Your shirt was made from 100% cotton grown in Elloree, SC and Cameron, SC.

This supply chain is designed to provide locally-produced apparel with the smallest transportation footprint possible, grown and made entirely in the Carolinas.

Your Supply Chain's Name

WYC supply chains are named after innovations in textile manufacturing throughout history. This supply chain's name is Spinning Wheel.

A spinning wheel is used to spin yarn more quickly than can be done by hand with a spindle. In fact, the spinning wheel increased the speed of thread-making by over 10x, making it one of the greatest textile tools ever invented. First used in India, the device was invented somewhere around 500 AD.

Meet the Makers of Your Shirt!

Cotton Lane Farms

Cotton Farm
ContactHugh McLaurin
Location2518 Cleveland St, Elloree, SC, United States

Richard Carson and William Farm

Cotton Farm
ContactRichard Carson
Location696 Lone Star Road, Cameron, SC, United States

Strock Farm Partnership

Cotton Farm
ContactCalvin Strock
Location907 Midway Road, Elloree, SC, United States

Elloree Gin

Cotton Gin
Location251 Snider Street, Elloree, SC, United States

Hill Spinning

Yarn Spinner
ContactMark Leonard
Websiteclick here
LocationHill Spinning Mill, 602 Davidson Street, Thomasville, NC, United States

Hill Spinning is a family owned and operated spinning mill that specializes in spinning cotton yarn. Hill’s operational philosophy is simple but effective: buy good cotton and don’t screw it up.

Mark Leonard is a 3rd generation owner of Hill. He believes in a slow, paced, deliberate approach to cleaning and spinning, which produces a high quality, even, strong, but still very soft yarn.

Contempora Fabrics

Fabric Knitter
ContactRon Roach
Websiteclick here
LocationContempora Fabrics Inc, 351 Contempora Drive, Lumberton, NC, United States

Contempora Fabrics was founded in 1972 by Lacy C. Nance. In 1984, the company transitioned to 40% employee-owned via an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), then went 100% ESOP in 1988.

Contempora considers its 150 owners/employees its most important asset, and attributes its growth to its highly skilled workforce and modern equipment.

Carolina Cotton Works

Fabric Finisher
ContactStacey Bridges
Websiteclick here
LocationCarolina Cotton Works Inc, 14 Commerce Drive, Gaffney, SC, United States

Granite Knitwear

Cut / Sew
ContactMike Jones
Websiteclick here
Location805 South Salisbury Avenue, Salisbury, NC, United States

Granite Knitwear is a three-generation, family-owned business founded in 1968 by Frank and Mary Jones. Granite grew steadily until the 90s, when the advent of NAFTA and GATT caused the company to shift its focus to smaller, private label customers like Cotton of the Carolinas.

TS Designs

Print / Dye
ContactEric Henry
Websiteclick here
LocationTS Designs, 2053 Willow Springs Lane, Burlington, NC, United States

TS Designs is a screen printing business founded in 1977 by Tom Sineath.

Once catering to the big apparel brands (Nike, Tommy, Polo, GAP, etc.), TS Designs changed its business model and mission after seeing the destructive effects of NAFTA and globalization on its industry.

TSD now provides unique, American-made printed t-shirts, including Cotton of the Carolinas, a shirt grown and made entirely in North and South Carolina.