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Carolina Precision Consulting - Cotton Farm

Whitakers Gin - Cotton Gin

Hill Spinning - Yarn Spinner

Professional Knitting Inc - Fabric Knitter

MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing - Fabric Finisher

Gaia Conceptions - Cut / Sew

This Supply Chain Makes Products for

TS Designs uses this supply chain to produce t-shirts for custom print and dye customers nationwide. You can request a quote for your own custom printed t-shirts at

Key Info About Your Shirt

Travels Only

Miles Dirt-to-Shirt

(as the crow flies)

Made From

certified organic cotton

grown in the USA

Your shirt was made from 100% certified organic cotton grown in Nashville, NC.

This supply chain is designed to provide the most sustainable apparel possible, using the most environmentally-friendly materials available from only US sources.

You can view the organic certificate(s) for this supply chain below:

Your Supply Chain's Name

WYC supply chains are named after innovations in textile manufacturing throughout history. This supply chain's name is Spindle.

One of the first textile innovations, the spindle is a straight spike used for spinning fibers – like cotton or wool – into yarn. Nobody knows exactly when the spindle was invented, but even conservative estimates make the technology over 10,000 years old!

Meet the Makers of Your Shirt!

Carolina Precision Consulting

Cotton Farm
ContactMary Wilks
Location5801 Taylors Store Road, Nashville, NC, United States

Mary is the consultant in charge of facilitating the organic cotton farming project here in NC. She works with multiple farmers to produce certifiable organic cotton.

Whitakers Gin

Cotton Gin
ContactJoel Boseman
LocationU.S. 301, Whitakers, NC 27891, United States

Hill Spinning

Yarn Spinner
ContactMark Leonard
Websiteclick here
LocationHill Spinning Mill, 602 Davidson Street, Thomasville, NC, United States

Hill Spinning is a family owned and operated spinning mill that specializes in spinning cotton yarn. Hill’s operational philosophy is simple but effective: buy good cotton and don’t screw it up.

Mark Leonard is a 3rd generation owner of Hill. He believes in a slow, paced, deliberate approach to cleaning and spinning, which produces a high quality, even, strong, but still very soft yarn.

Professional Knitting Inc

Fabric Knitter
ContactKaren Curtis
Location1203 Old North Main St, Clover, SC, United States

MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing

Fabric Finisher
ContactKenny Hoyle
Websiteclick here
Location2201 Mocaro Drive, Statesville, NC, United States

MoCaro Dyeing and Finishing was started in 1992, and specializes in finishing circular knit fabrics, from standard cotton to specialized flame retardant or infrared blocking materials.

One of 5 owners of MoCaro, Kenny spends most of his time managing the manufacturing floor.

Gaia Conceptions

Cut / Sew
ContactAndrea Crouse
Location1004 North Elm Street, Greensboro, NC, United States