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Unknown Farm(s) / Gin(s) in Indonesia - Cotton Farm

Richline Textiles - Importer

Pacific Sourcing Group - Importer

Shai-Tex Inc - Fabric Knitter

Antex Knitting - Fabric Knitter

Swisstex California - Fabric Finisher

Antex Finishing - Fabric Finisher

Commerce Creative - Cut / Sew

J & R Supply Co - Warehouse / Distributor

US Blanks - Cut / Sew

TS Designs - Print / Dye

This Supply Chain Makes Products for

TS Designs uses this supply chain to produce t-shirts for custom print and dye customers nationwide. You can request a quote for your own custom printed t-shirts at

Key Info About Your Shirt


Miles Dirt-to-Shirt

(as the crow flies)

Made From

certified organic cotton

grown in India

Your shirt was made from 100% certified organic cotton grown in Indonesia.

This supply chain is designed to provide a lightweight, incredibly soft fabric using the most environmentally-friendly materials available. Unfortunately, the quality of cotton needed to produce this product cannot be grown in the US.

You can view the organic certificate(s) for this supply chain below:

Your Supply Chain's Name

WYC supply chains are named after innovations in textile manufacturing throughout history. This supply chain's name is Bobbinet.

The bobbinet machine is a lacemaking machine invented and patented by John Heathcoat in 1808. Heathcoat’s new method is still the primary way of creating lace and tulle today because of its strength and stability.

Meet the Makers of Your Shirt!

Unknown Farm(s) / Gin(s) in Indonesia

Cotton Farm

Richline Textiles

ContactLuis Orellana
Location2002 Slauson Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255, USA

Pacific Sourcing Group

Location5717 Ferguson Drive Commerce, CA, 90022, United States

Shai-Tex Inc

Fabric Knitter
ContactLuis Orellana
Location11550 Wright Road, Lynwood, CA 90262, United States

Antex Knitting

Fabric Knitter
Websiteclick here
Location3750 Broadway Place, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Swisstex California

Fabric Finisher
ContactLuis Orellana
Location13660 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Antex Finishing

Fabric Finisher
Websiteclick here
Location3750 Broadway Place, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Commerce Creative

Cut / Sew
ContactLuis Orellana
Location1848 Randolph Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States

J & R Supply Co

Warehouse / Distributor
ContactLuis Orellana
Location1125 South Maple Avenue, Montebello, CA, United States

US Blanks

Cut / Sew
ContactMilissa Clark
Websiteclick here
Location4726 Loma Vista Avenue, Vernon, CA, USA

TS Designs

Print / Dye
ContactEric Henry
Websiteclick here
LocationTS Designs, 2053 Willow Springs Lane, Burlington, NC, United States

TS Designs is a screen printing business founded in 1977 by Tom Sineath.

Once catering to the big apparel brands (Nike, Tommy, Polo, GAP, etc.), TS Designs changed its business model and mission after seeing the destructive effects of NAFTA and globalization on its industry.

TSD now provides unique, American-made printed t-shirts, including Cotton of the Carolinas, a shirt grown and made entirely in North and South Carolina.