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Radical transparency starts here. 

Where Your Clothing lets you find out exactly where your clothing was grown and made. It’s a key part of our commitment to radical transparency in the making of our clothing.

Scan or enter the code on your label to find out exactly where in the USA your Solid State Clothing t-shirt was grown and made.
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What is transparency?

Transparency means we let you see exactly where and how your clothing is made, from the farmers who grew the cotton to the folks who sew it together. Altogether, those companies make up our supply chain. You get the name, website, and contact information of every company in our supply chain.

It sounds basic, but most clothing brands keep their supply chains secret. In fact, many brands don’t even know who some of the companies in their supply chain are, especially at the early stages like farming and spinning yarn.

So, what we’re doing is pretty radical. We do it because you should know #WhoMadeYourClothes—and we’re proud to tell you about them.

Why does transparency matter?

Today, 98% of clothing purchased in the United States is made overseas. That makes it really hard for you to know anything about where or how your clothes were made. Sure, a brand can say the people who make your clothing are treated fairly, or that factories are environmentally friendly. But how do you know that’s true? You don’t, and often it’s not.

A report from Fashion Revolution found only 1 of 62 major fashion brands and retailers they surveyed discloses a list of all its production sites. “This is a problem because fragmented and opaque supply chains can allow exploitative and unsafe working conditions to thrive while obscuring who has the responsibility and power to redress them.”

That’s why Solid State Clothing is committed to 100% transparency of our supply chain. We not only let you know where every step of our t-shirt manufacturing happens; we make it easy by attaching a label to every t-shirt with a code you can scan or enter on this website to get details.


Thank you for being a part of our mission to build a more sustainable, ethical fashion industry.

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