What’s This All About?

Ever looked closely at the tag in your t-shirt? If you have, you’ve probably seen countries of origin that you can’t even pronounce, much less find on a map. And that doesn’t even tell you the whole story – chances are that t-shirt visited several countries before it got to you.

Where Your Clothing is a new way to know about what you wear. Not only are all of our t-shirts made entirely in the United States, they have completely transparent supply chains. And when we say completely transparent, we mean it! Not only do we give you the location, but a name, photo, address, and even phone number for each member of the supply chain, from dirt to shirt.


Cotton of the Carolinas started the revolution – one that demanded no compromises. In 2008, we decided we’d had enough of clothing that has no back-story, so we got together a group of suppliers and experts and laid out our plan for a better way.

We were told by the experts that it couldn’t be done – that you couldn’t take cotton from one farm and make it into a t-shirt. We’ve been proving them wrong for over half a decade!


American Soil picks up where Cotton of the Carolinas leaves off – at certified organic cotton. After several years of attempts, we’ve found that growing organic cotton in the Carolinas is not viable (for now).

So we reached out to our friends to the west and found the organic cotton we need. By compromising on the size of our transportation footprint, we’re able to build another fully transparent supply chain – this time of certified organic cotton t-shirts.

Step by Step

We give you unfettered access to our supply chain.

cotton gets harvested once a year, in the fall
it’s then sent through gin machines to remove seeds and trash
next, it gets spun into yarn
from there, it gets knit into long rolls of fabric
that fabric has to be cleaned, stabilized, and softened
then it gets cut into the components that make a garment
and finally it is sewn into a t-shirt!
once it becomes a finished product, it can be printed
and using REHANCE print/dye technology, the shirt is dyed a color

Top Quality

Cotton of the Carolinas and American Soil Organic t-shirts are custom made to feel good and fit great. They are sewn to be extremely durable and printed with REHANCE – a process that results in a no-feel, breathable print that won’t crack, fade, or peel over time.

Soft but Sturdy


Made with super soft ringspun yarn knit into a medium weight 5.4oz fabric, you’ll love the great feel and sturdy weight.

Built to Last


Sewn using high quality cotton thread, shoulder-to-shoulder neck tape, and double needle stitching, you can count on your shirts to last.

Printed and Dyed with REHANCE

REHANCE offers a superior quality print that is in the fabric, not on the fabric. Your prints will not crack, fade, or peel over time, and are completely breathable.

Fabric Printed with REHANCE

a REHANCE print at 10X magnification
a REHANCE print at 60X magnification

REHANCE is a water-based print technology that is unique to TS Designs, the company behind Cotton of the Carolinas and American Soil Organic. Prints made with REHANCE become part of the fabric, meaning you can’t tell the design is there unless you’re looking at it!

In addition to offering superior quality print, REHANCE is much more environmentally-friendly than traditional screenprinting inks.

How Other Shirts are Printed

a plastisol print at 10X magnification
a plastisol print at 60X magnification

Plastisol is the ink of choice for most screenprinters. It creates a plastic coating to cover the fabric with a sticky design that will crack and peel over time, and feels scratchy.

In addition, most plastisol inks contain PVC (which emits dioxins during manufacture and disposal) and phthalates (which cause negative health effects).


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Love this story not only because it’s about a B Corporation but also love the fact that with each shirt, buyers can go back to the company website to learn more about the product’s origin and of those who made it. Great social responsibility here!

R. Huston

Cotton of the Carolinas has proudly combined a number of American Made Hero Companies into a truly unique collaboration worthy of our loud applause! A great story!

American Made Heroes